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Thank you and a rain check

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by Subhaditya Mukherjee

Hello dear reader, I share a quick rain check and announce my medium page :)

Thank you

Before I go on, I would like to thank you. I have no analytics here so I do not know if anyone reads what I write. But if you do, thank you for sharing my journey. Know that I am really grateful to you for keeping me company. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.


I have been feeling a bit bad about this blog lately. It started out as a personal blog but now it grew a bit more and I feel like the topics discussed here need a bit of a broader audience. It feels like a waste to hide this away on a page people wont look at.

Of course, I am not discontinuing this. I will continue to post here as long as I do this.

I am adding another method of posting, ie. Medium. Now to be fair, I am not a really huge fan of Medium. But sometimes we do what we must.

Here is the link to my page

In the hopes that this little blog of mine will help more people be interested in the power of deep learning and take it to newer heights.

A little rant

Life is hard, and we do not always get what we want. But I take this chance to send love and warmth to whoever needs it and I hope you do the same. Quarantine has made things a lot worse, and a lot better at the same time. Anyone who has suffered or has had personal losses, my best wishes are with you. I hope you can move on and live life as it takes you.

I would love to talk to you my dear reader and if you ever want to chat, drop me an email.

I sure hope, one day this little blog will inspire people and maybe in my own tiny way, I would have changed the world.

Signing off,
Loads of love,

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