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A little rant

What do I consider essential. Hmm. I need to think. Not entirely sure myself, because there are so many things that I do, and so many things that are there to do. What exactly is essential hmmmm. I know that I really love writing. Expressing my ideas, I absolutely love making things. Like say art for example. And music too although that is so much of a part of my life that I literally can't ignore it.

I do have to focus a bit more on cleaning up the space that is around me. Especially my table. Somehow due to the lack of any actually personal space it keeps getting cluttered so much. I realize that most of the things that are on the table aren't even mine. But a lot of it is, and I should actually start working for it to make it much nicer and cleaner. I should sleep properly. I have been trying to fix that. Even more than that, I should meditate more. I know I should. I am the kind of person that relies on meditating for peace. Because my heart rate is normally really high. Which is not particularly very great. So that is there too.

I also need to focus on my coding skills. I do that a lot anyway. Somehow or the other it always crops up that I need to code. For example, I recently made a web server app that would let me send/receive files/clipboard images and screenshots from any device on the same network provided the server is running. It was not particularly a complex endeavor but I enjoyed it and it thoroughly helped.

Another thing that I want to keep up is my reading and exercise. Of course, it is certain that I always end up reading something every day. Exercise probably not the same but I am getting there.

The funny part is deep learning somehow came towards the end of my priorities. Isn’t that weird. Maybe not. These days I realize that I liked DL because it's a better tool than what I had before this. And that even more than the fact that I enjoy DL, I actually just enjoy making tools. I like that. DL is just a means to an end. That’s the biggest difference in terms of what I understand about myself. And.. it really is a very huge difference.

This leads me to the question, what exactly is absolutely essential to me.

Let’s actually go in order because why not.

My desk.

What all do I actually need on my desk. I need my laptop + stand + cables. I need a notepad and a pen. (Maybe two pens). I need my headphones, phone and kindle. Although the Kindle could be placed elsewhere. I do need my ukulele. And a water bottle. The ukulele could be s##fted to a chair instead. I would shift it to the floor but it won't be safe while cleaning. That’s about it.

Drawer and cupboard

Can’t change anything for now because I am at home. But I do wish to rearrange my clothes in my own way. I do of course need to reduce my clothes but even that is in feasible with mom around so maybe later.

Deep learning

What do I actually not know in deep learning. Most of the basic things. And I do have a lack of experience in actually implementing end to end systems. That is my biggest weakness that could potentially hurt me. Somehow I had never thought of this before. So in effect, I need to look at and become better at MLOps. Interesting. Okay I will atleast find out what that entails today. Apart from that I keep thinking I need to understand the very premise of deep learning better. I don’t really understand how it truly works yet. Im not entirely sure how or why it does what it does. I think that would actually require me to learn the math properly. I will aim to atleast look at the handy summary/ article Jeremy was talking about in his videos. Maybe it would be of help in understanding what’s actually happening. That is pretty much the only required things I have unless project ideas crop up.


In art I basically need to focus on my fundamentals. Considering it has not even been a proper year that I started, I do need to make sure things like perspective, color theory etc are things that I focus on. I will start with perspective as it is the most effective corner stone to start with. As for color theory, I already have some idea, so it would actually not be a good idea to start with there if you take timing into account.


What do I actually need in my iPad? - Notes/writing : Simplenote + this app - email - Movie editing capabilities - Art stuff : Pinterest, procreate, VizRef, instagram just for posting - The files app - A browser - Study stuff : GoodNotes - Games : maybe one or two 0- Telegram That’s about it really. I can't think of anything else I actually directly need.



I don’t think this matters all that much considering Arch only shows what I ask it to show and absolutely nothing else. At all. Ever. So, i'ts fine. Although I do think I should clean up things. And actually choose things. I only need to code on my laptop and do things that the iPad is not very great for. That would entail a proper setup, but that’s it. I already have everything possibly required.


Only books are possibly anyway. In effect, I actually only need these applications on each device
I do need to check my devices to see what’s changed or if there is something I have missed.

As an update, I went ahead with everything that I decided in this article. Hopefully I will continue this journey of reduction and simplification.