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Adopt dont shop

I want to talk about adopting animals.

This is so far away from my regular content, but I feel like this is a much needed discussion before I go sleep tonight. I wont make this very long. But here are some reasons from my side why you should get animals from shelters and not "buy" them.

1. Every year, around 12 million dogs and cats and kittens/puppies are euthanized. (That means they are killed painlessly because there are too many animals and too less people to care for them). 2. Animals are animals. They will love you no matter where you got them from. 3. They are not "broken". Many of them ended up there because of something like a divorce or their family moving. Seeing how attached animals get.... 4. If you want to look at it from a cost point of view, it will actually cost you less because the adoption price actually covers a lot. 5. Because your pet is not "manufactured". Yes. This happens.Link. Oh and they are really cruel. Still want to promote it? 6. Because you saved a life. 7. Oh and if you adopt one pet, it helps more who now have a better chance at getting adopted. 8. Most of them are already housetrained so that takes care of it 9. We hurt animals so much. Rarely do you hear of any of them hurting a human back without being provoked. So why do we continue? 10. Others will follow your example. 11. Show people that there is nothing wrong with a pet who needs a little more love. 12. You will give an animal who has received nothing but hatred, a life and a home. And you will have changed its whole world.

I will get a shelter puppy when I get one. I hope you do the same.

Here is a dog who needed a little more love. Just watch it :)